Salsa Tipica

The name Salsa Tipica means ‘typical salsa’. Everyone has his own way of moving, whether it is walking, running or dancing.

At Salsa Tipica we have developed our own typical style of dancing. Keywords are: technique, styling, humor, passion, musicality and rhythm. We also have our own style of teaching.

Technique and styling are very important to us, but a good atmosphere during classes is even more important. You will learn great moves, flashy shines and an elegant styling. But adding your own typical style will make you really having fun on the dance floor. Your own Tipica!

Manoah & Femke Bernabela

Manoah and Femke are well known names in the salsa scene. They have participated in numerous national and international competitions. Their shows stand out for creativity, their own style en professionality. In their classes the detailed explanation makes your moves look professional and stylish.

They are two-time Dutch champions (2005 & 2008) and second place winners in 2006 and 2007. They also came in 4th at the European Salsa Championships in 2007. They’ve participated twice in the World Salsa Championships and their highest ranking was 11th.

Congresses & shows

Manoah and Femke are regularly invited at national and international salsa events and congresses to perform and give workshops. Their creativity and unique style are widely appreciated. They have performed in countries such as Puerto Rico, USA, Suriname, Curaçao, the UK and Ireland. Manoah and Femke choreograph their own shows and group routines. They also train other couples and teams for competing and performing shows.


In 2011 they won a Lifetime Salsa Achievement Award for their inspiration to dancers all around the country and making salsa more professional in the Netherlands.


Manoah was born on the beautiful island of Curaçao. At a very young age he came in touch with different Latin music and dances such as salsa, montuno and merengue. Music and dance had always played an important role in his family.

In 1991 Manoah and his family emigrated to the Netherlands. There he got involved in sports. He played mainly soccer and basketball. But when he got invited to a salsa party his love for Latin music and dance came back up. He started to take salsa classes and soon he himself was teaching classes. His teaching career started at dance company Salstylo in Utrecht, one of the best dance companies in the Netherlands at that time. There is where he met his wife and dancing partner Femke. After Salstylo stopped they started teaching classes together in Nijmegen and together with Femke’s mother Nettie they founded Salsa Tipica dance company.

Besides being a salsa teacher Manoah enjoys performing and teaching workshops. His main goal is to help as many people as possible to enjoy salsa as much as he does.


Femke was born in Nijmegen. After an intensive career in sports Femke became an aerobic instructor. Street dance was her specialty. Very soon she started dancing professionally in nightclubs, became a choreographer and even went on tour with different music groups.

Femke came in touch with salsa through her parents who started dancing in 1992. Soon she started to assist in classes. She even started to travel to Utrecht to improve her dancing skills and styling. There she met Manoah and they became dance partners. Her passion for salsa increased by the day and now she finds it’s a great way to express herself.

Together with Manoah, she travels all over the Netherlands and Europe to perform and teach workshops at various salsa congresses. But her main goal is to share her knowledge of salsa with as many people as possible at Salsa Tipica.

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