1. If you signed up for one or more courses, the total amount of these courses should be fully paid before or on the day of your first lesson.

2. Payments are officially not refundable. We do refund if you cancel your registration before the first class. Then we will refund the amount substracted by € 20,- cancellation fee. If you can’t continue to attend your course due to circumstances, we will move your payment to the following season.

3. Dansschool Salsa Tipica aims for an equal leader/follower ratio during the lessons. To achieve this, we ask leaders to attend more classes of their level or lower. However we cannot guarantee that every follower will have a leader throughout the whole lesson. We regularly rotate partners during the lessons to make sure that everybody gets an equal opportunity to practice.

4. If you cannot make it to a lesson please notify us at least two hours in advance.

5. It is only possible to catch up on a missed lesson on another day if you notify us at least one day in advance. You can only catch up in a same level or lower level class.

6. We shall not accept any liablilty for injuries, theft and/or disappearance of personal belongings.

7. We expect that every visitor of our studio is well groomed and neatly dressed.

8. It is not allowed to consume foods or beverages from elsewhere in our studio.