Femke is a well known name in the salsa scene. She has participated in numerous national and international competitions.

Two time Dutch champions

She has become Dutch champion in 2005 and 2008 and was second place winners in 2006 and 2007. She also came in 4th at the European Salsa Championships in 2007. She has participated twice in the World Salsa Championships and her highest ranking was 11th.


Femke was regularly invited at national and international salsa events and congresses to give workshops and perform. Her creativity and unique style is widely appreciated. She has performed in countries such as Puerto Rico, USA, Suriname, CuraƧao, the UK and Ireland. Femke choreograph her own shows and group routines. She also trained other couples and teams for competing and performing shows.


In 2011 she won a Lifetime Salsa Achievement Award for her inspiration to dancers all around the country and making salsa more professional in the Netherlands.


Chango Arisco (2013)

El Profesor (2012)

Otro Querer (2011)

Todo (2011)

La Mania (2010)

Agonia (2009)

Acere Ko (2008)

Quedate (2008)

Guarachera (2007)

Malambo (2006)

Dorothy & the Scarecrow (2006)